Wyoba Board

The following people make up the Wyoba Board and serve this ministry through their time, talent, skills, and prayer:

Wyoba Board Members:
Jenita Calton -Board President (mjmjpack@vcn.org), Chapel Car Bible Church

Carl Hildebrand- Camp Treasurer, Glenrock Community Baptist Church

Joyce Hinze -Board Secretary, FBC Torrington

Maggie Harrop, FBC Laramie

Pastor Jeffrey Lundblad, FBC Laramie

Doug Rigsby, FBC Gillette

Shauna Roberts, Chapel Car Bible Church

Brenda Schladweiler, FBC Gillette

We currently have an opening on the board. Contact Jenita if you are interested in serving.


Non-Board Members/Regular Attenders

Dr. Rev. Steve Van Ostran -ABCRM Executive Minister, Board Exoffico

Karen Van Valkenburgh -ABCRM Representative/Camp Finance, Board Exoffico

Bill Mankin -ABCRM Wyoming Cluster Ministry and Mission Coach

Cynthia Rigsby, FBC Gillette