Day 19 of 21

Day 19. T-minus 2 days!

Prayer point: Wyoba 500 (500 people giving $100/year to camp to cover 2016 expenses)

Wyoba 500 Logo

If you have not yet heard about Wyoba 500 let me tell you a little bit about it. Cynthia Rigsby of Gillette, Wyoming created this campaign. We are trying to get 500 people to give $100 a year to Camp Wyoba to help cover our debt to ABCRM and this year’s operating expenses. Camp Wyoba currently has a loan debt to ABCRM for $162,124 from over the past six years of operating expenses. We are extremely blessed that ABCRM has been willing to keep us financially afloat and allow us to keep this ministry going. However, we need your help!

If you have not yet considered giving $100 or more this year, would you? Please be praying that this campaign would be effective and that would could exceed 500 donors! I believe that God can do big things, but we must be proactive in getting the word out and doing our part.

Prayer: Gracious God, we know that this debt is large to humanly standards, but we also know that You are greater! We come before You and humbly ask that You would raise up people to financially support Wyoba and help us with our operating costs. Thank You for the opportunity to trust You to supply our needs even when it is difficult. Thank You beyond words for providing in the past, even now through the support of ABCRM, and Thank You in advance for how You are going to supply for our needs! Amen.

Petitioning God for the 500,

Rev. Amber J. Shearer