Day 18!

Prayer point: Wyoba Board Chair- Jenita Calton

If you have never met Jenita, you are missing out in life! Jenita has volunteered at Wyoba for a long time and I am so glad to be serving this ministry side by side with her! She has played many roles from cabin leader to co-director and snack shack cashier to Wyoba board chair. She also hosts the AB Women’s Retreat and comes up to camp often to help me with projects. Jenita has a true servants heart, is super handy, creative, and musical. She definitely has a heart for kids and people coming to know Jesus.


Jenita is another Wyoba leader that sees the frontlines of battle. She asks that you will pray that she may be sensitive and courageous to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Also, please pray for her protection and that God would bless her for all of her leadership and time spent serving Wyoba.

Honored to know this woman,

Rev. Amber J. Shearer