Day 17 of 21

Prayer point: Camp Administrator- Rev. Amber Shearer

I feel like it is selfish to ask people to pray for me, but I learned that I need them more than anything. There is a spiritual battle that is happening because Satan does not like what we do at Wyoba and he does not like people experiencing God. God has placed me on the front-lines in this battle as a leader of this ministry. I can never stress enough the importance of praying for leaders in ministry.


I cannot tell you how many times God has protected me in situations that could have resulted very badly. My first Fall at camp we had the Sheepherders fire that could have become a potential threat, I survived a roll-over car accident that winter, I have had a mountain lion outside my cabin a few nights, and so many more things. I use power-tools, chain saws, climb ladders, walk on roofs, and drive a 4-wheeler and tractor. There is always potential for danger. However, over the past four summers of working at Wyoba I have only ever experienced a few cuts, bruises, and a mild case of carbon-monoxide poisoning. I would like to keep it that way! God has been so incredibly good to me and has sheltered me from so much danger!

Will you please pray for continued protection and that I will be effective in my role serving Wyoba? That God will grant me strength and endurance during the summer months, and that I will continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you beyond words can express for your blanket of prayers and petitioning our Father on my behalf.

Humbly accepting your prayers,

Rev. Amber J. Shearer