Camp Wyoba Calendar for 2018

Youth Camps

Senior High     June 24 – 30                For students who are in, or graduated from, high school.

Junior High     July 8 – 14                  For students who have graduated from 7th & 8th grade.

Junior              July 15 – 21                For students who have graduated from 5th & 6th grade.

Primary           July 22 – 25                For students who have graduated from 3rd & 4th grade.

Mini-Camp      July 1 – 3                    For students who have graduated from 1st & 2nd grade accompanied by an adult they trust.

Camps for Families and Adults

Family Camp              July 26 – 30                A fun time away for the whole family. Enjoy the   nature and rustic atmosphere of Wyoba while affirming, and growing, your faith and love for one another.

Women’s Retreat        August 10 – 12           A chance to deepen your faith and relax your body, mind, and soul. Led by Rev. Mary Fabin.

Men’s Retreat              September 7 – 9          A chance for the guys to get away and nurture their  souls. Led by Rev. Bryan Roberts.