Camp Wyoba Calendar for 2017

April 1:                        WyobaFest at Casper FBC, 1 pm

May 20:                       Board Meeting at Bethel Baptist in Casper

June 9-11:                   Men’s Retreat. All men are welcome.

June 11-17:                 Work Week at Wyoba. Help us get the camp in good shape for the                                                summer.

June 17:                      Alumni Lunch. If you have a past at Wyoba, come up and have                                              lunch with your friends from bygone days.

July 9-15:                     Senior High Camp

July 16-22:                   Junior High Camp

July 23-29:                   Junior Camp

July 30-August 2:        Primary Camp

August 4-6:              Worship Arts Camp. Bring a willingness to learn more, practice more,                                          worship more, and lead others to the same.

August 11-13:             Women’s Retreat. All women are welcome to join us as we                                                welcome our new retreat leader, Mary Fabin.

August 18-26:             Solar Eclipse Rentals and Campground

August 21 at 11:42:    Total Solar Eclipse in Casper, WY. ‘Eclipse in the Lodgepole’ all day                                     event at Camp Wyoba for members of our ABC churches.                                                  Registration required.

September 9:              Board Meeting at Camp Wyoba.

October 28:                 Board Meeting at Laramie FBC.