Many Hands Make Light Work!


Got Snow!?

It is hard to believe that we are almost in the middle of June! I have been on the mountain for 4.5 weeks already. I have dealt with 5-6 feet of snow trying to plow out camp and gotten a nice a tan with 80* weather in this short time. I am happy to report that all the roofs on the cabins and buildings are still standing strong! It has been a very busy 4.5 weeks filled with projects to the very brim.

photo 4


I spent a week with the help of Carl Hildebrand plowing snow to access all the buildings and most importantly the waterhouse. I have been working closely with DEQ and EPA to complete our water system and have it ready for campers. We cleaned the main water storage tank and put in a new 1-micron filter. After roughing it for 16 days without water on May 31st we had pure, clean water flowing through our pipes.


Maggie, Amber, & Matt Opening Weekend

We had camp opening despite all the snow. The group basically unlocked cabins, shoveled a lot of snow, and organized bunch of things inside. Thank you to Carl & Mark Hildebrand for installing lights into the pole barn! Thanks to Karen Van, Brenda Schladweiler, Matt Canter, and Maggie Harrop for their help with opening. Jenita & Mike Calton, along with Maggie organized all the craft supplies and prepared it for camp. It looks wonderful guys! A job well done and much appreciated!

photo 1

The new tire swing!

photo 3

The guys working away!

Pastor Jason and his merry-men from Cheyenne First Baptist came for a weekend to work on projects and to have a spiritual retreat. We got a lot of things done and had a lot of fun! I saw God do some awesome things in the lives of those men and a men’s outreach ministry was formed as a result of the weekend! Thanks guys for your help and input!

We have been working to fix the chapel’s (Memorial Hall) foundation. It has some support pillars at need attention and for now we have installed temporary supports until we can work on a permanent solution. Harley Chamberlain from Laramie came up during opening weekend to lift and level the chapel porch. It no longer leans over the creek but has a solid, level foundation ready to hold the weight of lots of kids!

02Camp survived a big tornado less than a mile down the road! Once again, God showed favor to Camp Wyoba and put His mighty hand of protection! This picture is compliments of a friend who was in town.


Our beloved Karen Mefford is back from Lander to be our Head Cook again. She has been in the kitchen already cooking and baking up a storm! She has some amazing new recipes to share this summer that I am certain everyone will love. I hired a new maintenance guy, Andrew Tipton from Illinois/Indiana/Pennsylvania. He has been here helping me with projects and getting the camp in tip-top shape for our camps. Andrew always has a smile on his face and is ready to pitch in wherever needed. So far I have a great team! We have been doing devotions and praying every morning together and God is really preparing our hearts.


Paul & Eric of Flight 8:36- Recording their music video at the Miner’s Cabin


Alicia, Paul, Ben, Preston, Andrew, Karen, Paul & Sam


Alicia, Paul, Ben, Preston, Amber, Karen, Andrew, Paul

Last Sunday, the staff and I were invited to Glenrock Community Baptist Church for Sunday School and concert featuring Flight 8:36. Flight 8:36 is a Southern Gospel duo with a Contemporary sound. Paul and Eric are the lead singers/instrumentalists. They travel all around the U.S. leading worship services, revivals, camp weeks, and concerts. Wyoba has had the privilege to host them here at camp for the past 2 days. They are between gigs and needed some R&R. Andrew and I also helped them shoot part of their music video on our property. Check them out at:!!! We are hoping to have them back at camp to lead worship for some of our camps or retreats.

I hope you enjoy this camp update. Please keep us in your prayers this summer!



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