Welcome to the new Camp Wyoba website!!! We are so excited to have you check it out! Give us feedback to let us know how you like it or if we should add something. There will be continual adjustments and updates being made. You will find the latest updates and happenings at Wyoba on this page.


New Wyoba Website

Wyoba will be launching their new website this Friday, March 22nd!! You will be able to find all the forms you need, currents events happening at camp, meet the staff, and more!


Camp Wyoba Serving Opportunities

Opening Weekend
·       –  May 24-25th
·         Open cabins/buildings, clean, stock supplies, misc. projects
Closing Weekend
·       –  September 29 or October 4-5
·         Close up cabins/buildings, clean, put away equipment, etc.
·         -Always projects for any age to complete. A great way to serve as a family!
·        – Become a counselor or camp support
Camp Wyoba Projects
Cutting, splitting wood (for camp fires)
-Cutting down trees within ten feet of each building (fire prevention)
-Fixing property fence around the perimeter of camp
-Landscaping (Weed-wacking, trail maintenance, rocks around front parking lot, etc.)
-Cleaning out the old stuff under the chapel
-Finish fencing at the bottom of chapel (Camp has supplies)
-Remove stump pile by pole barn (Tractor to dumpster or wood pile)
-Digging ditches and putting in culvert pipes (to prevent driveway washing out)
-Planting flowers in front of the dining hall
·         -Financially support Wyoba
Donate needed items for camp
·         -Wyoba is on the front line of the spiritual battle field! Prayer is essential!
-Pray for:
o   Campers & renters coming to camp/Salvation for the lost
o   Recommitments to be made to Christ
o   Protection for all on the camp property
o   Wisdom, endurance, and strength for the Wyoba Staff (Camp Administrator, Cooks, Maintenance)
o   Wisdom and guidance for the Wyoba Board as they implement change
o   Growth of the ministry
o   Financial needs to be met
Mission Statement: “Based on our relationship with Christ, Wyoba Christian Camp is a safe community for growth, encouragement, and building authentic relationships.”