Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Wyoba Family & Friends,
            On behalf of the Wyoba Board and Staff I want to stop and take the time to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to reflect on God’s goodness. I hope that you are feeling blessed and being wowed by our mighty Savior during this Thanksgiving season! God has done amazing and wonderful things at Camp Wyoba this summer and we have much to be thankful for.
            We have experienced our fair share of trials and tribulation this summer at camp, but God has been there through it all. He has abundantly blessed the ministry of Wyoba. We started the season by making cabin improvements in Fox and Bailey by putting in new flooring and paneling. Wyoba gained a new-to-camp Ford 5000 tractor this summer after our old one got sick. New curtains for some of the cabins were made and donated to give them a more inviting feel. The pole barn was cemented this fall and electric will be installed this spring. Over the course of the summer, camp had numerous volunteers come to clean, help with projects, and spruce up. Camp would not run without humble volunteers and we are extremely thankful for them! Many other projects and improvements were made in hopes of prolonging the life of our facilities.
With the help of the ABC campers and staff we were able to improve the driveway by spreading gravel, they also stained the new screen doors for all the cabins, started fixing the property fences around camp, stacking wood, and clearing some of the trails. We were so thankful for the servant hearts and helping hands that made these projects happen!
            As many of you know, Wyoba faced a rather large wildfire this Fall. I want to testify of God’s goodness and provision as the fire came about a half a mile from camp property. It was so close that I could hear the fire, smell the smoke, and see huge flames and clouds of smoke. All of the camps and homes around were all evacuated expect me. This event really proved to me God’s favor toward Wyoba and the good work that He started and continues to do there. Thanks be to our awesome God for sparing such a special place of ministry! Thank you to all those who prayed and petitioned for safety and protection!
            Most importantly, I must reflect on the lives that God changed this summer. Many campers came to know Christ as their Savior for the very first time, there were many young people who recommitted their lives, and a lot of spiritual growth took place. We should be most thankful for our salvation and the souls that now have eternal life! This is why Wyoba exists and so many serve there!
            The Wyoba Board has been hard at work rewriting the mission statement and assessing the future direction of camp. There are going to be many new and exciting changes taking place in hopes of growing the programs and reaching more of our churches and community. Stay tuned for updates coming out shortly.
            I hope that this Thanksgiving season, you will stop to deeply reflect on the gifts, provision, and protection that God has granted you. I hope that you will take the time to celebrate God’s abundant goodness (Psalm 145:7) and praise Him for His mighty works (Psalm 150:2). The Lord has done great and wonderful things at Wyoba, what has He done for you?
Happy Thanksgiving!
~Amber Shearer
Camp Wyoba Administrator