Fire & Fall

The fire on Casper Mountain is now 100% contained! Praise the Lord!!! This does not mean that it is out, but that they have it pretty much under control! That is really amazing news! Your prayers, phone calls, e-mails, and support has been deeply appreciated over the past week during the fire. This fire was definitely too close for comfort and I rather large reality check for us! Many times the wind shifted toward camp and the smoke clouds started to get close but God was ever faithful in shifting them in a different direction. At one point the camp was a quarter of the way surrounding camp. Fire officials said that this fire should have done more damage and spread to the west side of the mountain. We know that God had different plans for Wyoba. I truly believe that God must favor Wyoba because of all the protection and mercy that has been bestowed upon it this summer and in the past! These pictures really do not do justice to the seriousness and closeness of the fire! I could hear it, smell it, see it, and I was fearing it!

On a lighter note, Fall has fallen upon us. Fall is absolutely my favorite season of year! Cooler temps that are refreshing, the Aspen’s beautiful color, animals preparing for winter, wearing hoodies, drinking warm beverages…so relaxing. If you have time in the next few weeks, you should bring your family up for a nice hike through the woods to enjoy the beautiful Fall ambiance. 

I don’t know about you, but I am praising our awesome God for is never-failing power and love this season! He is so faithful in taking care of our needs and watching over us! I hope that you will take some time to praise Him and reflect on His goodness this Fall season! 
Thank you again for all your prayers! The Lord turned His ear and answered our request to save the camp! 
Blessings to you,
Camp Wyoba Administrator