Updated Need List

 Need List

-New water system
-Computer Projector (for movies, picture slide shows, PowerPoint, etc.)
-Wood-chipper (chips will help erosion and build up trails, cut up limbs, etc.)
-Ice Machine
-Log Splitter
-Lightly used couches (for staff cabins/Memorial Hall)
-Heavy duty wheelbarrow (single tire)
-Hay wagon (to pull behind tractor)
-Spark Arrestors for chimneys
-New Toilets (dining hall, bathhouses)
-More new mountain bikes (5-10)
-Sound System (CD player, mixer, speakers, microphones)
-Microphone stands (3-5)
-Music stands (3-5)
Projects to be done

-Level/Paint bathhouse floors
-Rebuild property fence
-Replace burnt boards on campfire circle
-Build hand-railing on Memorial Hall
-Digging ditches and putting in culvert pipes (to prevent driveway washing out)
-Cutting firewood
We are currently researching new water systems. Also, we are trying to get matching grants for the money that has already been donated to camp. 
Some things that we are working on this Fall is putting electric in the pole barn and cementing the floors, finishing the siding on the spring-house, and putting up the rest of the screen doors on the cabins. 
Let me know if you can help out in anyway! 

Primary Camp

Besides a mouse plague and fighting over the swings, Primary camp was pretty fun. Some of the highlights were: Picnic at Beartrap, counselor hunt, color campfire, singing, and the talent show! Here is a taste of what this week looked like.

Our talent show Emcees

Pastor Rick and his furry friend

Crazy talent

The chicken dance!
Where are the counselors?

Snack Shack!

“The make-up skit”