Senior High Week

It was an epic week here at Wyoba with the Senior High campers! Some cool kids came to know Christ and left the mountain completely changed and renewed. A HUGE shout-out to God for being awesome and showing up in a mighty way! Praise the Lord!

“Cody is weird!”

The theme for the week was “Dare to be Different.”  The teens challenge is to make a difference in their everyday environments standing out as a Christian living a different lifestyle than everyone else. They learned from various people of the Bible how to stand out against the crowd and stand up for the name of God and His Word.

Some of the highlights from the week were: Hiking to Beartrap for a picnic, water/shaving cream battle, making homemade ice cream and root beer floats, making awesome bracelets, meditation stations, and the talent show.

Continue to keep all the campers in your prayers as they go back to “reality” and put into practice all they have learned during their mountaintop experience. 

Honoring Deanna and Sylvia

Hi Wyoba Family,
I has been brought to my attention that Deanna Dyer and Sylvia Hansen have been Camp Directors for the Junior High camps at Camp Wyoba for 27 years!!! Wow! This will be Deanna’s last summer with us and possibly Sylvia’s. I would love for us to honor them by asking everyone to send them a card or e-mail to thank them for their service to our camp for so many years. I want to flood them with cards, encouragement, memories and let them feel our love and appreciation for all that they have done over the years!
I will be presenting them with certificates of appreciation and gifts on Friday night, the last night of Junior High camp. Here are their addresses:
Deanna Dyer

1639 N Mill Creek Rd
Casper, WY 82604

Sylvia Hansen
2620 Nighthawk Dr
Laramie, WY 82072

Please spread the word and ask others that know them to send a card or e-mail! May they feel our appreciation for their hard-work and dedication all these years!

Thank you!

Mom #2 and Mom #1

Wyoba Talent

Every week during camp we have a talent show where campers and staff can showcase their talent! Check out some of the awesome performances! 
Tony Seacrest and Liz our Wyoba Idol Hosts
Boone on the unicycle and Kevin on bagpipes! I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before!
This is one of our campers Mady. She seems to be a natural! Look out! 

The Hansen’s doing a duet on the ivories.

Deanna and Eric singing a beautiful worship song!

New Staff at Wyoba

Meet our new Head Cook Karen. She has been such a blessing and is an amazing cook! All the kids love her! She makes the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet! 
Meet our new Assistant Cook Jill. She has been an amazing help in the kitchen! She has stepped right up to take on new tasks and is a hard worker!

Meet our new Maintenance Man Boone- yes, Boone, named after Daniel. He thinks he is pretty cool! I think he is pretty cool since he has been helping get a lot of work done at camp and complete tasks!
This element on our stove has been missing for years I am told. I thought it was pretty hazardous so I was able to replace it. It is a “French Element” ordered special.
Isn’t it beautiful!? The stove is now in 100% working order. I was able to install everything myself.

Blessings to the Camp Wyoba followers!