Camp Crisis!

Hello Friends and Family of Wyoba,

We are in desperate need of camp cooks from July 6th to August 2nd!!! Like this is a crisis folks!!! We have a week and a half to find a head cook and an assistant cook for our American Baptist camps. If we do not have cooks- WE WILL NOT HAVE CAMP or everyone will be eating sandwiches for every meal!!! That is how serious this matter is! So if you care about having camp at Wyoba this summer, please spread the word, volunteer, sign up to at least help in the kitchen, be our cook- we will pay you, something, anything.

I am at a complete loss for resources at this point. Karen Van and I have posted this job at all the places we can think of (Wyoming Workforce, culinary schools, Seminaries, colleges, Facebook, etc.). I have sent out numerous e-mails to everyone that I can think of who would help or at least spread the word. If you have ideas please e-mail me or call, we are willing to try anything at this point.

We did have cooks for Camp Hope, but we no longer have any after this week. This is at minimum a HUGE prayer concern! It may take a miracle to find the staff for these positions!

I have been in the kitchen spending numerous hours a day and closing it up every night to make sure meals get out, 16-hour days are not spend there, and the cooks for this week do not burn out. I am absolutely willing to serve and step-in where needed, however my other duties have been getting neglected. I have been staying up until midnight every night so the cooks can go to bed to get up early for breakfast. This is absolutely NOT ABOUT ME, but about a HUGE NEED that this camp has- HELP! If you were not aware that camp had a need, now you know. Please get on board and help in any way you can- prayer, financial support, volunteer for a few hours or a day, spread the word.

If Wyoba is going to stay around, it needs all of its churches, friends, and family to help out and get on board completely! I believe that God is bigger than this, but He also asks us to be His hands and feet.

I am trusting in God’s faithfulness, but I am most definitely concerned for this camp, especially this summer!

In His Service,
~Amber Shearer
Camp Wyoba Administrator

Camp has begun- Full speed ahead!

Things here at Wyoba are in full swing! The kitchen is cooking, people are working, and we are full-speed ahead!

The Food Truck has arrived!

The kitchen has food!

This week Wyoba is hosting Camp Hope at diabetic camp for kids. Camp Hope offers emotional and psychological support to these young individuals to prepare them to live with diabetes. It is a unique opportunity to cater to their needs through fun, activities, and camaraderie in a camp setting.

A special thanks to Candi and Cathy from Bethel Baptist in Casper for coming up this week to wash and make the floors in the dining hall sparkle! 

I anticipate a busy week here on Casper Mountain. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and let me know if you have time to donate to camp. We still have many projects that need to get underway. 

I hope that you are experiencing God’s wonderful mercies this summer!

Camp Administrator

Mattress Challenge

Dear friends,
This message is a personal note, not as a Wyoba board member.  
Bethel Baptist has been offered a challenge to replace the mattresses in the cabins at Wyoba.  Those we presently are using are in poor shape.  A resource has been located where sturdy mattresses may be purchased for about $45.00 each.  When the challenge was presented to Bethel members on Sunday, pledges were made for almost 50 of the mattresses THAT DAY! God is good and encourages us with his amazing provision. 
How about joining us in this challenge?  Price of a mattress is about the same as two meals after church on Sunday in a restaurant. 
To participate, just let us know at Bethel and we will order the mattresses.  There are 100 mattresses needing replacement.  We can do this before the end of the season!  Join us!
In His Love,
Barbara Vinzant 

Hole in the wall improvement

Once upon a time…there was a nasty hole in the wall under the sink in the dish-room…

This hole did not make the Health Department happy, so it needed to get fixed.

The hole after some drywall.

The wall after some wall-cement.

This was a corner of the wall that was looking nasty and needed some help too.

The hole is now no more!

After some cement and paint!

The pretty corner!

The final product and the Health Department will now be happy! 🙂 
The End!