Wish list

Camp Wyoba is in need your donation or help.

There is a working “WISH LIST” to the right.

Please look at that list and see if there is something that you might be able to contribute to Wyoba, or do for Wyoba. We need your help to keep this camp in shape for the coming years.

Please consider a donation of your time, talent, goods, or money. If Wyoba ever touched you, please keep it up so it can do the same for others.

If you find there is something that you can donate, please go to the Wyoba website at www.wyoba.org for contact information.

Welcome Campers, Family, & Friends

Welcome to the Camp Wyoba blog.

This blog is to be used for connecting Wyoba campers to eachother, churches in Wyoming to eachother, and everyone to Wyoba!

Not only will everyone be able to use this blog as a connecting point, it will be used for information related to Wyoba. Camp dates will be posted. Needs of the camp will be listed. Opening and closing dates will be listed.

You are welcome to use the comments as a place for conversation, if you wish. PLEASE KEEP COMMENTS CLEAN! Camp Wyoba Connects reserves the right to delete any inappropriate comments at any time.