Camp Wyoba 2018 Calendar              

WyobaFest    Friday, January 19th at FBC of Laramie.

Great opportunity to connect with friends, have lots of fun, enjoy a great dinner, and we will award the prize to the church that supported Wyoba the most in 2017. We will have a silent auction that anyone can contribute to.

Youth Camps

Senior High     June 24 – 30     For students who are in, or graduated from, high school.

Junior High      July 8 – 14       For students who have graduated from 7th & 8th grade.

Junior              July 15 – 21      For students who have graduated from 5th & 6th grade.

Primary           July 22 – 25       For students who have graduated from 3rd & 4th grade.

Mini-Camp      July 1 – 3           For students who have graduated from 1st & 2nd                                                  grade accompanied by an adult they trust.

Camps for Families and Adults

Family Camp               July 26 – 30    

A fun time away for the whole family. Enjoy the nature and rustic atmosphere of Wyoba while affirming, and growing, your faith and love for one  another. Families picking up a child from Primary Camp can spend the night at no extra charge.

Women’s Retreat       August 10 – 12 

A chance to deepen your faith and relax your body, mind, and soul.                                Led by Rev. Mary Fabin.

Men’s Retreat             September 7 – 9    

A chance for the guys to get away and nurture their  walk of faith.

Led by Rev. Bryan Roberts.

Taize Saturday                        July 7              

Come worship like they do in Taize, France. The day will begin at 10 am and you can be home that night.


Wyoba Board Meetings                     January 20th in Laramie

                                                            April 14th in Glenrock

                                       June ??

                                                                 September 15th at Camp

                                                                October 27th in Glenrock